Saturday, September 6, 2008

My First SOLO SHOW ! ! ! ! ! !

Honoring The Elders
So here's my surprise! it's my first solo show!

"Holding on to Traditions" at the Lynn House Gallery in Antioch California.
Oct. 4th - 25th, 2008.
Opening Reception Saturday, Oct. 4th from 4 - 6pm.

After a year of planning, it's finally happening and I am so excited and really nervous as I'm shy by nature but force myself to be outgoing. I rarely go to openings where my art has shown but have to go to this one. So if you are in the area, please come by and see some new paintings and mingle with art lovers! (I might be the one hiding in the back room?)
Please visit their website for more information


The Lone Beader® said...

Congrats!!!! That is so exciting!!! :D

Ellen-Mary said...

Congratulations!! That is wonderful!!

Dawn said...

That is so exciting Pablo, I wish I could come and see it!!!!!

am said...

That's great news!
I may be visiting California near the time of your show. Now I'm hoping to be able to drive to Antioch to see your paintings.

Tóbal said...

This is going to be an exit for sure , Pablo!
Your art is excellent , so don´t worry and don´t hide in that room!
I have my first solo expo this friday ... 5 days to go!!!
Cheers! and good luck!

Emm said...

I know what you mean about being shy but speaking from experience- it's not so bad. People who come will be genuinely interested in your work and meeting you so talking about your work and your life is actually something you are an expert at. :)
Congrats! M

Terry said...

Congratulations on the upcoming show! I noticed your work on BrushSpace, but really hadn't taken the opportunity to look hard or to visit your blog till Chris mentioned you on his. So many lovely paintings, and this one of the girl in white with the headdress is probably my favorite. What have you titled it?
Can't get to Antioch, but will support you from afar -

Mary Sheehan Winn said...


Although I have a gregarious personality, I hate to be in the spotlight and had hot flashes at my opening. Even before I was supposed to be having them!
How did it go?

JimmyG said...

Awesome Pablo, congrats on the show you deserve it!! I'll definitely see the show, and hopefully make it to the opening too!

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Thank you all for the confidence boost, I'm already nervous but I'll be fine.

And thanks for everone's generous comments and support with my work. I really appreciate you stopping by and checking in on the latest paintings and life's intregue.

Ok, so it's not that interesting but it sure keeps me on my toes. Thank God for Chocolate!

Myrna Wacknov said...

How wonderful! Congratulations. I wish Antioch wasn't so far away. Don't know if I will make it to the exhibit but would love to see an entire room of your beautiful work!

hj said...

congratulation, you deserve it!

Nick said...

Dang man, why don't you give a guy some notice on this stuff so some planning can be done? I'd love see it! please post a lot of photos.

Nick said...

Meant to add that this portrait is one of the best, I think....perfection!