Saturday, March 30, 2013

Peeps y'all!

"Equality for all Peeps" 6"x6" watercolor by Pablo
"A Fistful of Peeps" 11"x14" oil on canvas by Geraud Staton
"Happy Hour Peeps" 10"x10" watercolor by Kathleen Ballard
"Little Bo Peep" 6"x6" watercolor by Chris Beck
(Jelaine Faunce is having a showdown with the Internet so as soon as she's laid down the law at the OK Coral, I'll post her image ;0)  )
All of the sudden, peeps are all the rage!  Lately I've seen more peep posts and pictures than I can remember.  I don't remember what got me started on painting peeps a few years ago and I never meant for them to take over but they have a way of, well, invading my space!  This year has been no exception even though I swore off peeps. 
I've been challenged by some of my most creative friends this time so how could I have turned it down?  I went simply for something I feel is important this time: 
Equality for all Peeps!
Make sure to check out every one's blogs by clicking on their names and enjoy the stories behind their paintings!