Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shadow Frog

"Shadow Frog" 12"x16" watercolor
Cute little wooden frog and wonderfully textured Zapotec blankets. . .some of my favorite things to paint! Trying to push myself, I finished this one in about a day and of half (including cooking, cleaning, running back and fourth with the kids for play dates, walking two dogs, bbq with neighbors, hosing the kids down when it was 102 degrees!) Barely enough time for chocolate! no wonder I'm so grumpy! :0) Note to self, the kids would be much happier with me if I ate more chocolate!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chuchy's Brother

"Chuchy's Brother" 18"x 24" watercolor

Such a quiet soul, always listening, thinking, watching the world around him. "L" is one of the most beautiful boys you'll ever meet! Blessed with honey colored eyes, amber skin and golden hair. He's truly an amazing looking young fellow but I'm more impressed with his spirit.

So it's been a longer journey than I anticipated finishing this one and I love the way it finally came out! That hair was almost ready to do me in with the sheer volume, trying to balance between wanting to paint every little strand and making sure to let the paint be paint. I really learned a lot about technique and patience . . . . . . I'd say more technique than patience! :0)

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Work In Progress . . . almost done.

I'm almost done and so ready to polish off the rest of the chocolate! woo hoo!
The bulk of this painting has been mostly yellows, pinks, orange and burnt sienna colors so it was time to cool things down. I whipped up a batch of purple using Alizarin Crimson and scraped the last little bit of Ultramarine I could find from my palette, kinda reminded me of licking the plate after finishing chocolate cake. . . .uh, I mean watching the kids do that!

Next on the menu is to clean up edges, even out the skin tones in areas that dried a little blotchy, and give the hair that wispy effect. Then I'll be ready to show you the finished painting in all it's glory! I can't wait cause I have another one I'm working on that is feeling left out! I'll show you that one soon!