Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Scream !

"I Scream!" 17"x13" Watercolor

I've been on this food kick since we've been watching the Food Network challenges and that inspired me to challenge myself with the past few paintings that had something to do with food or kitchen stuff. Of course I couldn't do the typical fruit in a bowl or ice cream in glassware so I borrowed the kid's finger puppets and voila! It was quirky enough for me!
I was nervous about painting this one with all the reflected light and shiny ceramic cones, but it was refreshing to do something that was new for me. I love the challenges of watercolor (especially when it works out!)
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Purple Tomatillos II

"Purple Tomatillos II" 8"x10" Watercolor
Finally a new painting finished! Can I just say that I've decided to celebrate Chinese New Years and start my year over again! This has been one unusual, exhausting and frustrating beginning to 2010! I'm now channeling my energies to create a better and more creative year, this painting being the
start of it all.

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