Monday, September 29, 2008

5 days and counting!

Sapos Verdes 18" x 24" Transparent watercolor
Thank you for all your words of encouragement! I'm excited and nervous with anticipation. I took all 21 paintings down to the gallery on the hottest day of the weekend and have filled my exercise quota for the rest of the month. Ok, so I don't exercise, or lift weights cause they are just too darn heavy, and I can reach my target heart rate just by eating mocha dark chocolate truffles! I find that much more satisfying!
I think it will be a good show, the selected paintings look great together if I do say so myself. Now I just have to figure out what to wear, normally jeans and my baby stained t-shirts are comfy but not this time. I am so great full for this opportunity, and so appreciative for your comments of support!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My First SOLO SHOW ! ! ! ! ! !

Honoring The Elders
So here's my surprise! it's my first solo show!

"Holding on to Traditions" at the Lynn House Gallery in Antioch California.
Oct. 4th - 25th, 2008.
Opening Reception Saturday, Oct. 4th from 4 - 6pm.

After a year of planning, it's finally happening and I am so excited and really nervous as I'm shy by nature but force myself to be outgoing. I rarely go to openings where my art has shown but have to go to this one. So if you are in the area, please come by and see some new paintings and mingle with art lovers! (I might be the one hiding in the back room?)
Please visit their website for more information

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Changing Rose

Transparent Watercolor 20" x 14"
I found these roses in a public garden and thought them so beautiful, not too many petals (to paint) and I especially loved how they changed colors as they aged. I painted this about three years ago when the twins were a little more independent and I could finally dive back into watercolors. I felt like I exploded with color and energy while doing this one so It's probably my favorite flower painting I've done.
I decided to post this one also because I'm a little backed up with my paintings because of back to school stuff and a surprise I'll post in a couple of days. Stay tuned!