Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines Challenge!

"OXO"  8"x10" watercolor by yours truly
Three boxes of Sweethearts and a bag of large Sweethearts later, I had the still life I wanted to paint!  Ok, four boxes but who's counting after the first two!  This was a sweet challenge to be a part of. . snicker snicker, had it not been for the candy, I might not have powered through a touch of the flu during the painting!  Suffering for art was not part of the plan but I'm so glad I was able to finish it in time to be part of the challenge with a fine group of painters.  Please check out their blogs to get the story behind their paintings!  just clickity click on their names  :0)
"Heart full of Hearts"  10"x8"  watercolor by Kathleen Ballard

"Candy Love"  6"x6" oil by Geraud Staton
"Playing with the Queen of Hearts"  6"x6" oil by Jelaine Faunce