Monday, July 7, 2008

Holding On To Traditions 2

Transparent Watercolor 20" x 14"
Have you ever been around someone who just emanates magic? I am constantly amazed at this Pomo Elder's presence and connection with the creator. Again I am grateful to her for allowing me to paint her portrait. I have to say that the photo shoots are a hoot, we are constantly giggling and trying to be "serious", never sure if she's giggling with me or at me, probably both!


Dawn said...

excellent! your work is amazing Pablo!

Nick said...

Nobody laughing at this one, another expert portrait Pablo. I should probably know what that headdress is all about, but maybe you can tell a bit about it.

hj said...

Such a great and pure technic!
I'm sure, sh'es not giggling now and grateful to your for painting such a great portrait!Bravo encore!

Dawn said...

hey Pablo!

I have a question to ask you. can you email me?

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Thank you for all your comments I really appreciate it.

Nick, the headdress a Native California regalia made by her mother, very different from the powwow gear you are more likely to be familiar with. If you want to see more, google Grace Hudson paintings.

Helene, thank you, no matter what we do, we always end up laughing, in fact we have to be separated when we are eating somewhere cause we get so goofy, you'd think we were in high school! (ok, so I instigate it most of the time but she plays along!)