Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mama Rosy

Mama Rosy #1, 35" x 24"
Still working on several involved works so I thought I'd post this in the mean time. This is the one that started all the Rosy paintings. I'm sure there's more of her to come as she gets older and I get the chance to be with her a little more.


Sandy Maudlin said...

You amaze me with the way you make the skin look so real I could feel it. You're an amazing artist, and I enjoy seeing your work so much.

Nick said...

Like a jewel, Pablo!

Dawn said...

Your work is amazing! You want to reach out and touch her. So lovely Pablo!

Tóbal said...

Very impressive blog!
I will add it to my links , I like it very much , and native characters are very interestings!!!
Cheers from Spain!

Jelaine Faunce said...

She's beautiful, and so is the way you have portrayed her. :o)