Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dancing at Kule Loklo

Hola! Welcome to my blog!!! I'll be posting my watercolors in progress and what ever else comes to mind about being creative. The truth is, now that I have a blog, I'm not sure what to say, however, once I get past being blog shy, I'm sure I'll blather on and on!

This painting is a detail of "Dancing At Kule Loklo" one of my favorites, the little boy dancer is actually my three kids morphed together dancing at the "Big Time" at Point Reyes National Seashore's Miwok village. Check out the rest of the painting on my website.
Nos vemos!

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snailwoman said...

From desertboy playing with pebbles to the blogosphere! Congratulations. If you can morph 3 kids into 1, I bet you save a lot of money at the movies. Seriously, though, even on the small screen, the light in your painting gives me goosebumps.