Wednesday, September 29, 2010


"Cha-ka-nac" 17"x 13" watercolor
I love when light has that sense where you can almost hold it in your hand, when it's something you can breath in and feel it cleansing your spirit. Just like drinking water or breathing air or feeling mother earth beneath your feet. That's what I was thinking of painting this portrait.
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RH Carpenter said...

You've definitely captured the light that we love to see in paintings. This is so beautiful! I loved your previous painting, too. Your portraits make me happy but also envious! ha ha

Michelle said...

You capture light so well in your paintings. This one is beautiful and very well done.

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Thank you Rhonda for stopping by!
Thank you Michelle!

Love seeing your new artwork to!

SKIZO said...


Sadami said...

Dear Pablo,
Wow, your work is so beautiful in colors, composition and handling light. Very impressive. I'm learning a lot from you. Look forward to your next!
Kind regards, Sadami

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Thank you for stopping by Sadami! I'll be by to see your work often!

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Thank you Skizo!

Anonymous said...

I love your style of painting in watercolour - Your paintings have a luminousity and a beautiful quality to them and you totally do justice to the subject no matter if its animal, vegetable or mineral!