Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fish Out Of Water Challenge

"Chuey" 16"x12" watercolor by me

"Fish out of Water" 6"x6" watercolor by Chris Beck

So the challenge was called "Fish out of Water" I loved this challenge because it was wide open to interpretation. For me it meant that I would be the fish out water. I never paint animals and I never paint commissions and this painting is both! Talk about nerves! What I love about these challenges is that they push me to paint things I wouldn't normally paint, try new techniques and thought processes. It all goes toward becoming a better artist so I am thankful for the nervousness.

Chris Beck's says she'd been looking for some way to include the fish fabric or the vintage ceramic fish planter in various still-lifes, but she just wasn't inspired by anything she came up with. When the challenge title came along, that was all she needed to come up with this wonderful still life. Check out her blog to get the scoop!


Micah Neff said...

Wow, I love them both. The dog looks so plush and cuddly. Animals are hard! Really like the texture and colour of the fish container, too.

RH Carpenter said...

Both are well done - I especially like the way your artists' minds came up with subjects to paint, you putting yourself as the fish out of water :)