Friday, August 7, 2009

Is summer really almost over? ! ! !

I was very honored to do a demo for the California Watercolor Association on July 15, what a great experience and I will say that I pushed through my nerves to have lots of fun and meet some great people.

This is the one I started that eve and haven't been able to paint that much since then, I'm determined to finish it within the next couple of days (providing the kids will untie me and let me get to my table)

I hope every one's having a great time and out in the fresh air rejuvenating themselves and preparing for what I think will be an unusual fall coming.


RH Carpenter said...

Lovely portrait! And it's nice to know even someone as advanced as you still gets a bit of nerves painting in front of others - not that I'm happy you were nervous, but that you are human, like the rest of us :) The light-struck areas really make this portrait stunning!

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Thanks Rhonda! Yes I'm too human sometimes!

Unknown said...

This face, with it's emphasis on shadows and light, is truly breathtaking!