Friday, January 16, 2009

Food that begins with P

Well, Chris really conjured up some magic on her Asian Pears (I mean Pears Asian) when I think of the beautiful purple under painting she did. You must take a look at that sneak peek because it looks like the finished painting to me!

This really was a challenge for me painting soooooo small! (and not eating the pan dulce before I could paint them) I don't know what it is about painting small that I can't seem to get the feel for. For all the details I tend to put into a painting, I really do love to slop on the paint and push it around and watch it do it's thing.

"Pan Dulce" 6" x 6" watercolor done(and eaten) by yours truly

"Asian Pears" 6" x 6" gouache & watercolor by Chris Beck


Jelaine Faunce said...

As always, your work continues to inspire, and it's great to see you engaging in Challenges!

hj said...

AS ALWAYS, amazing works!BRAVO !

RH Carpenter said...

Beautifully painted - and I bet they tasted as good as they looked. I love that you and Chris are doing challenges!

The Lone Beader® said...

That is small! Nice job! :D

Robin Purcell said...

Inspiring from both of you as always! I like the close up compostions.