Monday, December 29, 2008

Doña M.

Doña M. 20" x 28" Transparent Watercolor

Phew! I worked up a sweat on this one! Finally it's done and I like the results! I had really wanted to call this "What wuz I thinking!" because the dress was a lot of work! Trying to make sure the black was not flat but not too contrasting and still a part of the overall area.

I had been wanting to paint Doña M. for a few years now. When I first met her I thought what a beautiful person, her smile was angelic, her walk was deliberate and respectful. Then I heard her speak with a voice that was course and tough and I liked her even more. I've found that with traditional people, the tougher they are, the more compassionate the are.


Chris Beck said...

It's wonderful, Pablo!!

debwardart said...

Very beautiful; I can feel the softness of the cloth of her dress.

Portrait painters amaze me! You have definitely captured the essence of a woman who has seen much in her life. You are a wonderful painter!

RH Carpenter said...

That dress was definitely a challenge, Pablo, but you did a fantastic job. And, of course, the skintones and the beautiful wrinkles and light/dark play are all gorgeous.

The Lone Beader® said...

The dress is beautiful! And, I can imagine how difficult it was! The last time I tried to paint, it took me 2 weeks to paint a circle I liked! LOL

Unknown said...

Congratulations on this one, Pablo. Her kindness and wisdom seem to pulse off the paper! Happy New Year... I wish you even more success and wonderful experiences than in 2008!

Don Gray said...

Wonderful portrait, Pablo. Happy painting in 2009!